Dental Crowns and Tooth Bridge Treatment


Crowns can be used to restore teeth that are heavily filled, discoloured, broken or crooked. Most crowns are made of porcelain and this enables a very close colour match to existing teeth.

Crowns are aesthetically pleasing and can look and feel very natural. Crowns also protect the tooth and once restored can last for many years.

Having a crown requires some preparation of the underlying tooth. On your first appointment the tooth will be shaped ready for the porcelain crown and whilst this is being made at the dental laboratory, a temporary one will be fitted.

On your second appointment the crown will be fitted and you can then enjoy the results.


Bridges are used to fill in gaps and replace missing teeth. These are used as a very viable alternative to dentures if the surrounding teeth are strong enough to support the bridge.

Bridges are attached to neighbouring teeth and just like crowns, are made from porcelain and colour matched to your existing teeth. They look very natural and make such a difference to your smile.

There are several different types of bridges and your options will be fully discussed with your dentist.

Crowns and bridges are very effective in restoring your smile - see and feel the difference!

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