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Veneers are used to treat front teeth that are otherwise healthy apart from being discoloured, chipped or slightly malaligned. They are made from dental porcelain and shade matched to create a natural appearance - they are then attached to the front surface of the tooth.

The technique is very similar to the placing of a false finger nail but provides a simple and effective way of improving your smile without much preparation of the underlying tooth.

Minimum preparation is needed of the underlying teeth. Impressions are made, colour matching is undertaken and adjustment to the tooth surface is done to allow fitting of the final veneer. Aftercare involves regular check ups and a three monthly scale and polish with basic tooth brushing skills.

With good care and maintenance, a lifespan of many years can be expected. Veneers are often used in makeover programmes to completely transform a persons smile.

Many celebrities opt for veneers to give them that all important smile!

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