Why Choose Ivory Dental?

At Ivory Dental Practice, we are committed to providing the highest possible patient care, utilising state of the art techniques and treatments to achieve the best results.  All of our treatments are carried out by trained dental professionals to achieve the best results, in accordance with nationally recognised British Dental Association Best Practice Standards.

Modern cosmetic techniques mean that it is now possible to improve the look of your smile and achieve a long lasting natural appearance. From simple whitening procedures to complete smile makeovers we can offer a variety of services to help make the most of your smile:

Crowns - a porcelain or metal cover for damaged or unsightly teeth. Porcelain crowns are carefully crafted to look natural and blend in with surrounding teeth.

Bridgesa missing tooth can be replaced with a porcelain or metal bridge, avoiding the need for a denture.

Natural Coloured Fillingsunsightly metal or discoloured fillings can often be replaced by tooth coloured fillings that closely match your natural teeth.

Veneers provide a wafer thin porcelain mask bonded on to the teeth to hide discolouration, alter the shape of the teeth or close unsightly gaps.

Tooth Whiteninggentle and effective whitening systems that can be carried out in the surgery or taken away to use at home to restore your teeth to their optimum whiteness.

Denturesa wide variety of dentures to give a natural appearance with excellent fit.

Orthodontics crooked or uneven teeth can be straightened with braces to improve appearance and function.

Implants - This technique is used to fill gaps by using titanium screws to replace a missing tooth to allow the placement of crowns and bridge work. It can also be used along with dentures to help in providing support and retention.

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